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Sustainable Humanitarian Development
Education, Training and Consultancy 
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SHD supports the Sustainable Development Goals
SHD (Sustainable Humanitarian Development) is a Registered Establishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain, which aims to bring a new meaning to Social Entrepreneurship by teaming up with local & International experts, researchers & sponsors who are welling to serve humanity for bringing about change in the society and creating a positive global impact.

Strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives.

Back in 2011, Fatima Al Mansoori started sharing her experience of overcoming a chronic condition (fibromyalgia) by adopting a sustainable healthy lifestyle. She begin receiving requests from civil society individuals, groups, associations and government institutions to provide educational wellbeing programs. Hospitals and Health centers as well as corporations and institutions partnered with Al Mansoori to deliver consultations, sessions, lectures, workshops and training programs. Media outlets reached out to request columns, interviews and articles. Community demand and need continued to grow fiercely, in 2018 Humanitarian initiatives became our priority and by establishing SHD (Sustainable Humanitarian Development) Educating, Training and Consultancy, we could provide our services and overcome the challenges much more efficiently, and leave no one behind, that is why we ultimately decided to launch Sustainable Humanitarian Development as a Registered Entity.

 Fatima Al Mansoori, Founder & Executive Director

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Reinforcing our Commitment

Transforming Education by Introducing Mindfulness at Schools to ensure a vibrant and sustainable future for our youth through educational opportunities that are relevant for the realities, demands and requirements of the century that can develop the students skills and opportunities to sustain themselves individually while also contributing to the health, well-being, growth, and sustainability of the overall society, thus also enabling successive generations to thrive. In partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, supported by Arabian Gulf University and Al Jawhara Center for Molecular Medicine.

  • Peaceful Coexistence skills development

  • Preventing Addictive and toxic Habits

  • Raising consciousness of living a sustainable healthy lifestyle 

  • Mind body wellbeing activities 


Occupational Health & Wellbeing

With our mission always in mind, we customize corporate seminars, workshops & training to the special needs of your organization depending on your budget.

  • Office Yoga

  • Burnout Prevention Skills & Strategies.

  • Preventing Lifestyle related disorders

  • Maintaining Work-life Balance

  • Back Pain Management 

  • Eye Strain Relief

  • Mindfulness & Stress Management


Boosting Community Engagement

We are dedicated to stepping up our efforts through cooperation, community empowerment and Social media outreach, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support by partnering with us to provide the following consultancy services

  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Social Media outreach packages

  • Integrative wellbeing

  • Community outreach



During private sessions, we address the concerns that have brought the person to the clinic and discuss the care plan that we can offer. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their own abilities and gain the confidence to not only recover from chronic disease but also find inner peace and fulfill their potential.

Community Wellbeing

Empowering the public by teaching self-care tools & healthy lifestyle practices

Spreading awareness of the importance of living a sustainable conscious lifestyle 

Providing Integrative care & psychosocial support for groups & societies



Promotion of Human welfare

Working towards advancing the wellbeing of humanity and promoting human dignity in the middle of man-made crisis or natural disasters with active participation to alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity.

With our mission always in mind, we refrain from taking part in hostilities or taking actions that advantage one side of the conflict over another, we do not serve the interest of political, religious, or other agendas.



Facilitating Social welfare

Working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and raising awareness to prevent the spread of negative social habits.

Our social Initiatives tackle issues in need of solutions and with our team of local and global experts and researchers we will propose and facilitate sustainable solutions as will as lead the way for implementation.

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Founder & Executive Director

Fatima Al Mansoori

SDGs Ambassador

Kingdom of Bahrain


Legal Consultant

Khalifa Alwardi

Kingdom of Bahrain

Ahmed Al Khuzaie.jpg

Political Consultant

Dr. Ahmed AlKhuzaie

Kingdom of Bahrain

Washington, D.C.

prof moiz.jpg

Medical Research

Prof. Moiz Bakhiet

Founder of Princess Al-Jawhara Center for Molecular Medicine


Bahrain - Sudan

james white.jpg

Faculty Member

James White

Clinical Psychotherapist  

Mindfulness Educator



Bettina Zumdick.png

Faculty Member

Bettina Zumdick

Founder of Culinary Medicine School


Germany - USA

alex jack.png

Faculty Member

Alex Jack

President of Planetary Health Inc.

Massachusetts, USA

Meet the team | Our team Consists  of Leading Researchers and Experts

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Ali Abbas.jpg

Financial Advisor

Ali Abbas Salman

Director at Grant Thornton 

Kingdom of Bahrain

Mariam Al Ammadi.jpg


Mariam Alammadi

Founder of CFC Psychology Center


Kingdom of Bahrain

Mousa Assaf.jpg

Media Consultant

Mousa Assaf

Journalist & TV Producer


Bahrain News Agency