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"I really resonated with your introduction that all faiths lead to "the one" and that we all are connected and every faith has the connection of "we are one" and we are brothers and sisters and that we take this journey together.

I really enjoyed the lecture and your personal story and journey through fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and I love the holistic approach you took in healing yourself, integrating not only nutrition but the yoga and how important it was to have that balance of activity along with a really good diet and nutrition and it was very valuable for me. I also suffered from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue so it was like a ray of sunlight which is flowing over me right now to hear someone who recovered from that and that personal journey of recovery and you presented it really well and I enjoyed it very much.

My favorite part of the lecture was your journey and your success in your journey, that you were able to peruse even though the doctors and everyone told you that there was nothing. That you were determined to heal yourself, so that was for me the highlight to not give up even when you are being told there's no cure for this condition."

Jeanne Katz

Interfaith Minister, Nurse, counselor, PA USA

"Great therapist... I fully recommend her approach and style ...A brilliant Bahraini professional"

Dr. Akbar Jaffari

Jafcon Consultants

"Thank you, honestly one of the best workshops ever... Wish you all the best inshallah"

Reem Al Otaibi

Bahrain Society of Engineers

Just completed an amazing yoga stress management workshop lead by Fatima Al Mansoori She truly is a beautiful person inside out, such an inspiration. I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to learn and grow with you- thanks for sharing and spreading your light. #Namaste"

Arwa Al Yusuf


"I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2008, an autoimmune disease wherein the body immune system attacks itself by mistake. With medication, my RA was controlled. But even with the medicines I'm taking, still there were times that the swelling, stifffness and joint pains especially in the morning is severe. When I started Yoga exercises, I have noticed some improvement in my body - the swelling, stiffness and pain of my joints has decreased significantly to the point that I've tried reducing my maintenance medicines. For now, I'm still observing the effect of this program on my body. I thank God that BAPCO has introduced this well-being program. I have really benefited from these Yoga exercises."

Rosemarie P. Urbano

BAPCO Well-Being Project

The best investment you will do is investing in yourself, in healing your body, spirit & raise your positivity. What I gained is priceless. It's never the end, but the beginning for a better life inshallah. Thank you Fatima.

E. H.

I'm really enjoying my yoga classes at the Bapco Club.

The breathing technique helped me to relax and relief me from the work stress.

And I have started teaching my kids to relax and breath at home too.

My future plan is to continue attending the yoga classes until I get the hang of all yoga's position learned in class and do them alone at home.

Thank you and regards,

Reem Ebrahim

Bahrain Petroleum Company

"I really enjoyed the experience, it increased my health level within few days. Don't miss such these chances, Thank you for the great treatment and the amazing Yoga classes. In love with Yoga. I will always believe in nature magic."

Mariam Al Thawadi

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